03-01-22 Updates Mask Mandates in Schools
03-01-22 Updates Mask Mandates in Schools
Redding School District Families, The Governor’s office provided a press release on February 28, 2022 that informed us that the state-wide mask mandate for indoor masking at schools for students will no longer be required after March 11, 2022, but is strongly recommended. Our first school day without masks being required for students will be Monday, March 14, 2022. I ask for your continued support of the current masking mandate through March 11, 2022. If you or your child would still like to wear masks, your child can wear a mask at any time while at school. We will support the choice for your family. ● The school indoor mask mandate will expire for all students at the end of the day on March 11th. ● March 14th will be the first school day with no state requirement Schools will still be practicing good hygiene and frequent handwashing. We will also continue to use the group contract tracing protocols to notify students and families when they may have been exposed to a classmate who tested positive for COVID-19. We will provide further information as it becomes available. Please let us know if you have any questions. As always, the Redding School District is committed to serving all of our students and making learning the highest priority. We appreciate the support throughout the many months. Let's continue to work together for our community by showing love, empathy, and a welcoming spirit. Sincerely, Robert Adams Superintendent Redding School District
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Letter to Families 02-14-2022
Letter to Families 02-14-2022
Dear Redding School District Families, I would like to thank our families for the continued support and efforts to put childrens' needs in front of your own. We at the Redding School District know that it has been difficult at times to continue with the many processes that the State of California has put in place for us to follow in regards to COVID-19. It is with a heartfelt thank you for your continued support regardless of your personal choices. It’s during times like this where we have the opportunity to lead with kindness and be at our best to serve others. There are those who feel that wearing a mask gives no benefit and there are those who feel it provides them safety. We are a district that works very hard to work with all of our families. On February 15th, tomorrow, the indoor mask requirement will end for vaccinated individuals while in many public spaces outside of school. While this does not mean a change for schools, it is understandable the difficulties this makes for families and perhaps some confusion for students. The announcement today by Dr. Mark Ghaly, Secretary of California Health and Human Services, did not specifically end the masking mandate for schools, but it did give us a date, February 28, 2022, to know that a change is coming if the data continues to track down as they predict. It seems that masking will be optional in the near future. We need to work together to provide a school environment that is safe for all. California is still emphasizing safety measures in schools. We ask for your patience in maneuvering through the mask mandate in our schools. We still need to wear masks at school and that disappoints some and gives relief to others. Let us continue to partner together in keeping kids in school as California is moving towards a change in COVID-19 school guidance. Children need to be in school. Please help us work together on this. School staff are community members who hold a wide range of beliefs and are also professional educators who are obligated to follow the rules and laws that they are given. Let us honor school staff by recognizing that as public employees, they follow the guidance provided by the State of California. Again, thank you for your continued efforts to help keep our schools a location of learning. We want to focus our daily efforts on planning and implementing great instruction each day. Robert Adams Superintendent
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Letter to families 10/12/21
Family Information November 20th
Family Information November 20th
Let me start with a heartfelt expression of gratitude to all of our families and students throughout our district for your unyielding support.
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Distance Learning Icon
Turtle Bay to go to Distance Learning for Two Weeks
The health and safety of our students and staff has been and always will be our highest priority. Turtle Bay
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Message to Our Families
As Shasta County moves between tiers, we would
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Survey is Out
Survey is Out
Parents should have received an email from their site principal in order to request a change of placement for the October 5th move to Phase 3: In-Person Schooling.
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Update on Reopening -09-08-2020
The Redding School District Board of Trustees voted to unanimously to move from Phase 2: Hybrid Learning model to Phase 3: In-Person instruction 5 days a week with health and safety protocols by making preparations with the goal to switch on October 5, 2020. Be looking for further information about adjustments as we transition to full In-Person instruction.
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Update on School Reopening 08-08-20
Update on School Reopening - 08-08-20
The Redding School District Board of Trustees held a special board meeting tonight to consider any changes to our opening plans for the 2020-2021 school year. The Redding School District has offered three programs to its families to consider and have enrolled those families in their program of choice. For the families who chose Distance Learning and/or College Prep Homeschool there is no change to the program that your child is enrolled in.
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School Opening FAQ August 3, 2020
When does school start? School starts on August 12, 2020 for all programs offered. We hope to have schedules made and information ready by next week. ​ Will my child have to wear a mask at school? What type of mask is needed? Yes. All students (and staff) in grades TK to 8th grades will be required to wear a face covering (mask) at school by governor’s
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Selection Survey Video
Year End Family Letter
Year End Family Letter
We have had a couple years of bumpy waters. This year looked like smooth sailing was ahead, but sometimes things can seem one way and turn out to be another.
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Distance Learning Update 05-08-2020
Distance Learning Update 05-08-2020
Dear Redding Families, The safety of students and staff continues to be the top priority. As long as the Governor’s Executive Order remains in place, schools across Shasta County are committed to finishing the year with distance learning.
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Covid Info 4-24-2020
Distance Learning Update 4-24-2020
Dear Redding Families, As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, the safety of students and staff continues to be the top priority. By now, you are aware that Governor Newsom, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond, and Shasta County Health Department Director Donnell Ewert are still recommending closures at this time. As such, all of the Redding Schools have aligned with that recommendation.
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Distance Learning Info 4-16-2020
Distance Learning Update 4-16-2020
Distance Learning Information April 16th 2020
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COVID-19 Update 4-6-2020
Redding Families, Wednesday, Governor Newsom and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond suggested that all California schools might remain closed to students and the public through the end of the 2019-2020 school year as a result of increased COVID-19 cases throughout the state.
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COVID-19 Update 3-25
COVID-19 Update: 03-25-20 11:00am
Redding, Shasta, and Igo Families, I wanted to share with you a status update in relation to COVID-19, our school closures, enrichment opportunities, and some future planning.  I will continue to send out updates as new and relevant information comes out.
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COVID-19 Update 3-18
COVID-19 Update: 03-18-20
Good Afternoon Families, This is Superintendent Adams The online resources will be available shortly but let me first offer you a phone number
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COVID 3-16
UPDATE: COVID-19 Closure Plan
As we’ve shared previously, we continue to be in close contact with health officials and at their advice and in coordination with other school districts we have made the decision to close Redding, Shasta, and Igo Ono Platina Elementary School District campuses to students as of Monday, March 16. We will be closed to students through the end of spring break (Monday, April 13), including athletics and all extracurricular activities.
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COVID-19 Information
UPDATE: Classroom Instruction Cancelled 03/16/2020
classes are suspended from March 16th to April 3rd. Spring Break is scheduled for April 6th through 13th with classes scheduled to begin on the 14th.
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COVID-19 Related Information For Families
Dear Redding School District Families, I begin with a sincere thank you for all of our community diligence and support throughout the last few weeks as we have worked together to navigate this challenging landscape. I am writing today with updated information on new steps that Redding School District will be taking.
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